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Until now we were primarily dealing with Digital Marketing Services along with helping our customers to improve their in-house functions. And of lately our clients also majorly started asking our assistance in setting up their in-house functions and fine-tuning the same.

Motivated by this we started providing Marketing Consultancy services on a large scale and hence leading to good results.

Our key responsibility services area are:

  • Checking whether your team size is adequate to handle the task.
  • Analyzing whether your team is able to produce desired results.
  • Help in creating a strong digital presence & improve Online Reputation.
  • Start a lead generation campaign to get more relevant leads which will help you to grow your business.
  • Discover and implement new online ways to grow businesses & engage with existing customers and attract new ones by evaluating the current marketing strategy.
  • Suggest improvements in areas like SEO, social media, email marketing, and website design.
  • Assist in defining the sales pitch, objection handling Q&A, follow-up scripts.
  • Share ideas to improve and manage the company's online branding, increase client engagement and communications with creative social media, email, mobile, or local marketing campaigns.
  • We provide suggestions on how to build quality content (Video/Text/Images) & where to post.
  • Improve business site’s Google ranking by adding new keywords, analyzing, and optimizing web pages. Implement a content development strategy for websites and blogs.
  • Give all the online ads & branding related suggestions to our customer even related to offline marketing, radio jingles, newspaper ads etc.
  • Evaluate and Streamline the Lead Handling Process and Assist in Creation of Strategy and implementation of the same for following channels:
    • Landing Pages/micro sites
    • Google Ads (Search & Display)
    • Social Channels (Facebook & Instagram)
    • You Tube
    • LinkedIn
    • Others if any
  • Create or share the Format, Checklist, MIS to evaluate the result and outcome of the entire media & marketing activities as required.
  • We help our clients to develop their USPs.
  • Assist in making Content for CSR activities and engagements
  • Monthly Performance and quarterly growth report discussion with client.

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