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Why Choose Video Creation?

Create a Video Short or Video Abstract and turn your findings into an engaging and accessible overview that's perfect for sharing on websites and social media - extending the reach and visibility of your research.

Video production is the process of producing video content for TV, home video or the internet. It is the equivalent of filmmaking, but with video recorded either as analog signals on videotape, digitally in video tape or as computer files stored on optical discs, hard drives, SSDs, magnetic tape or memory cards instead of film stock.

Video Editing and Shoot Details

Type of videos

  • Intro video (informative motion graphic video)
  • Lead generation video
  • USP video
  • Company profile video (video shoot)
  • Event Lunch (intro video & event lunch shoot)
  • Teaser (Live shoot & Motion graphic)
  • Testimonials (Shoot & Editing with your Video)
  • 3D product videos

Way of Process

  • 3 Temp videos for the client will be provided
  • 3 non-copyright music will be provided
  • Scripting
  • Video Shoots - for shoots
  • Use of high-quality camera & equipment (Full HD & 4K) - for the shoot
  • Advance Video editing (live and motion graphic editing)
  • DOP (Direction of photography) - for shoots
  • Lights management - for shoots
  • Frame by framework
  • Animation
  • Uses of graphic & motion graphic elements
  • 2-day video shoot (day 1 - recce & day 2 - shoot)

Requirements from the client

  • Company LOGO
  • Company Information (contact number, address, website, social media handles)
  • Fonts (if any)
  • Color theme code (if any)
  • Dimensions & Duration of video
  • Client approval in 24-48 hours
  • High-quality product images (if any)
  • Products pick & drop (if any)
  • All arrangements should be done before the shoot. - for shoot


  • High-quality rendered videos
  • Motion graphic videos
  • 3D product videos
  • Live shoot edited videos
  • Non-copyright or purchased content & music

Terms & Conditions

  • 2 changes are complimentary
  • After 2 changes charge will be applied according to the changes
  • Music will not change after the selection
  • In 3D videos charge will be applied as per sec
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